Latest Potsdam Institute Report

I enjoy the Potsdam Institute’s reports, though at times, like today, they seem too much in bed, or at least embedded in industry — but then of course energy is the biggest industry around & there is no model for a non-business (i.e. non-capitalist) alternative energy grid. Interesting though that in the report below the association Europe-North Africa is taken for granted, even if any definitions of such intercourse remain unspoken. … Read more Latest Potsdam Institute Report

Paul Bowles @ 100

Paul Bowles was born today, 30 December, 100 years ago. Composer, poet, novelist, short story & travel memoir writer, translator, Bowles was a core figure of the 20th century nomad — expatriate as they said back then — community. Having settled in Tangier after 1947 he became what the Tunisian writer Albert Memmi called “an immobile nomad.” But few writers have better described the fate of the modern tourist … Read more Paul Bowles @ 100

Nomadizing, not Site-Seeing

I am in the process of nomadizing, i.e. moving my blog-tent from one host to another. This will involve any number of unknown mawaqif — rests, stations, stoppings — in the great unknown Gobi desert hinterland of cyberspace. I do not know how great the ziyafah — hospitality in Arabic — along the road will be, but I do hope that I will re-emerge by the end of the … Read more Nomadizing, not Site-Seeing