An Appeal to Planet Earth from the Cloud House for a New Place to Breathe In.

by KUSH:

The Cloud House Poetry Archives are looking for a storefront, warehouse or even an accessible floor of a building, where we can share our cultural treasures and multimedia installations/theatre with the public. We plan to establish a new Cloud House in proximity to a wide range of small East Coast colleges. The primary objective is to interact with the surrounding community and be enriched by the participation of the people in the community.

The Cloud House is a legendary San Francisco center for the literary arts with an internationally recognized audiovisual archive of historic poetry performances. What sets this work apart from other media collections, beyond its vast breadth and depth, is the quality of our videographic and stereophonic field recordings that convey the living presence of the poet/artist.

Serving the community as an active educational, literary and cultural resource, the Cloud House draws from its extensive library archive of historic documents, manuscripts, broadsides, posters, paintings, photographs, art/artifacts, and books, many of which are signed by the authors. We bring with us a multifaceted and collaborative program of live events, theatre productions, screenings, performances, classes/workshops and installations/exhibitions encompassing the planet’s modern and indigenous cultures.

The Cloud House is a research destination for the definitive study of the New American Poetry and its East and West Coast innovators and sources. The Cloud’s unmatched multimedia archives of all the San Francisco Poetry Renaissances from the 1930s to the present constitute its ongoing genome project of counter-cultural archaeology. Crucial to this constellated treasury of recordings, art/artifacts, texts and ephemera is the quintessential media archive of the great poet Gary Snyder & his cultural community. 

The Cloud House has an educational mission that will accommodate all ages and levels of interest including serious scholarship/research with an emphasis on ecological consciousness and cultural engagement. We have many letters of reference from renowned writers endorsing the continued development of the Cloud House Poetry Archives that we will share with prospective supporters upon request.

Thank You!

Kush   Cloud House

To reach us simply utilize our e-mail or direct line 415-292-5554.

To view a sample of our historic video work, please visit PennSound/Cloud House Poetry Archives.

John Skarstad/UC Davis Special Collections who visited the Cloud House with Gary Snyder in the 1980s is the spokesperson for these archives and its future development. He can be reached at or directly at 916-442-1684.

Peter Coyote will willingly talk to anyone about serious support for the Cloud House Poetry Archives going forward, or leave messages at his office/415-381-4656 (see attached letter).

Allen Ginsberg Cloud House Kush004

Gary Snyder Cloud House Kush004

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