Alain Jegou (1948-2013)

Old friend Alain Jegou, poet, fisherman, truck driver, passed away yesterday at 65. We had met one of his visits to the US, specifically when he came to meet our common friends Claude Pélieu & Mary Beach. Primarily a poet — of that generation for which the discovery of the Beats was to be the revelation that would change the way they envisaged & indeed lived their lives —, he was also a novelist & a writer on art & on his passion, the sea. Get his book Ikaria lo686070, named after his fishing boat, & wich Bruno Sourdin called “le plus formidable livre sur la mer qu’un poète contemporain ait écrit. Une voix sauvage et révoltée.” (The most formidable book about the sea a contemporary poet has written. A wild & rebellious voice.”) Travel well, Alain — I’m sure the seas of the beyond will be calmer than those around your Brittany coast & you’ll have Claude & Mary to hang with & swap rabelaisian-rimbaldian tales.

Alain Jegou comes in at minute 3:

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