Adonis Reading at AWP


PJ, Adonis & Khaled Mattawa by NP.

PJ, Adonis & Khaled Mattawa by NP.

Below, an extract of the reading Adonis gave at AWP under the auspices of New York’s great Poets House last Thursday, with Khaled Mattawa, his translator reading the English versions of the poems. You can find his translated books here and here. It was amazing — I have heard him read a number of times, but the power of his diction & the beauty of his Arabic take my breath away again & again.[Sadly & differently amazing (to me) was the half-empty room when it had been filled to capacity for the previous event, some all-American session on how-to-write-something-or-other-succesfully. The nombrilisme (fixation on one’s own belly button & its confessional lint) of the “creative writing” minions shouldn’t surprise me anymore, I know.] 

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  1. Poo says:

    Try looking at these rooms as half full. Even one person can be an audience. You’ve got to start somewhere. You can end there too!

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