“Don’t distort our speech” — GYBO

As a follow up on my post from 2 January “Gaza Youth Manifesto,” here is their latest message & corrective. I was alerted to this by a reader of the blog who posted an answer to the manifesto. I am also delighted to see how the GBYO Manifesto swept through the net. Earlier today saw a discussion in a German newspaper.

Message from the Gaza Youth Breaks Out Team

Many Arab/Muslim activists reject our movement & consider us as some Zionist machinery because in the manifesto, we’ve been denouncing Hamas – among others. It’s always amazing to see the shortcuts people’s minds can take and how good they are at condemning without even trying to understand. We’d like to remind all our goal: yes we are frustrated and tired of being oppressed, killed, humiliated and kept from even leaving to study in other countries, yes we denounce political parties governing us because they didn’t help in anything, but we denounce ALL of them, not ONLY Hamas. We are TIRED of the status quo, from all sides. Political parties have all had the time and chances to BRING THE CHANGE, but we haven’t seen anything yet.

We’re NOT calling for a political coup, let’s be clear on this. We’re young people who want to work for the PEOPLE, we denounce the misery we live in, we denounce their division, and reject their fight, because they are not helping us. But more than Fatah and Hamas, who remains Palestinians just like us, ABOVE ALL we denounce the Occupier & its puppet the International Community who fails, day after day, in its duty to impose sanctions on “Israel”.

Our followers, readers, and those who are not supporting us yet must keep in mind THIS message: we have ONE enemy which is the Zionist Occupier. Hopefully this call will shake our political leaders, wake them up and remind them that they are responsible of us! Hopefully they will realize that what we want is UNITY, and NO MORE DIVISION, because it makes Israeli terrorism’s impact on our lives even worse.

Our call is a call for SOLIDARITY, a call for PEACEFUL ACTION; we are holding out our hands & waiting for you to complete the bond. Help us work for a better solution, HELP US MAKE IT!

And Please note this, the GYBO team have been banned from posting anything on the page; we want you to go there and flood the page with your love to Palestine so those who misinterpreted our message can leave us.

Love and respect from Gaza

– Abu Yazan

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2 Responses

  1. michael handala hall says:

    Finally a group that speaks the truth. Handala would be proud to be part of such a group. Let me know what i can do from over here to help you over there. i respect passion, i understand honesty and your cause is my cause.

  2. michael handala hall says:

    Your messages will be an honor for me to make copies,post them, publish them,send them to my governmental officials,friends,,everyone i can think of….i am in the process of making multiple copies of your manifesto.
    michael hall

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