“Don’t distort our speech” — GYBO

As a follow up on my post from 2 January “Gaza Youth Manifesto,” here is their latest message & corrective. I was alerted to this by a reader of the blog who posted an answer to the manifesto. I am also delighted to see how the GBYO Manifesto swept through the net. Earlier today saw a discussion in a German newspaper. Message from the Gaza Youth Breaks Out Team … Read more “Don’t distort our speech” — GYBO

Gaza Youth Manifesto

A group of youths — students, in the main — from the Gaza strip have published the following Manifesto, picked up by the Guardian in the UK from which I reprint it. You can also follow them on facebook. Writes the Guardian:”On Facebook, the group calls itself Gaza Youth Breaks Out. When the cyber-activists wrote the manifesto three weeks ago, they gave themselves a year to gather enough support … Read more Gaza Youth Manifesto