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The quasi-daily blogging has taken up most of my on-line time so that it didn’t really come as a major surprise when I realized that I hadn’t updated my website in almost two years. Ugh… Well, I have taken a couple hours to bring it (more or less) up to date & (with the help of John Maas) added a an easily updatable calendar on the front page. You can check it out here.

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Also, Nicholas Manning has just posted a little video of a reading I did in New York City (between A&B) a couple months ago on his Continental Review site. You can check that out here.

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I am happy to announce that volume 6 of the “Poets for the Millennium” series, Gertrude Stein : Selections, edited by Joan Retallack, is out and available from California University Press. Here are some of the comments:

“One of the best introductions to Gertrude Stein’s work I’ve ever read. Joan Retallack’s research is thorough and impressive, and she has done an outstanding job of assembling a valuable and interesting collection of Stein’s writings.”–Hank Lazer, author of Lyric & Spirit

“This exquisitely edited volume of Gertrude Stein’s writings is far more informative than the usual ‘selected works.’ Out of the immense opus that Stein produced over a long and prolific career, Joan Retallack has chosen telling pieces, so as to show both the extraordinary thematic, generic, and stylistic variety, and the coherence of her life’s work. Meanwhile, Retallack’s delightful and informative introduction can stand on its own as a luminous contribution to our understanding of Gertrude Stein’s work and her place in literary history. The fascinating documents that end the book can be regarded as the sweet at the end of a fully satisfying and memorable experience. This is an essential book for both new and long-term discoverers of the wonder of Gertrude Stein’s writings.”–Lyn Hejinian, author of The Language of Inquiry

“Retallack’s illuminating introduction is a vital contribution to our knowledge of Stein, revelatory of such issues as racism while viewing Stein’s presence on the page and in the ear as performative play that creates a sensual apprehension of a new time (a perception of the activity of happiness). The selections and introduction demonstrate how Stein changed reading and perceiving.”–Leslie Scalapino, author of It’s go in horizontal

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