The Endgame: Climate Change as Weapon

Thinking on these images from Mozambique, Zimbabwe & elsewhere I suddenly realize that what I had only dimly perceived or hadn’t wanted to believe was most likely true: the climate change deniers in power (or even those out of power or refusing to think on this for personal convenience) don’t do this simply out of a combination of obtuseness, stupidity, religiously motivated anti-science idiocy, and personal greed leading them to an unthinking backing or collaborating (in that WWII sense of collaborating with the enemy) with the oil- gas- & allied- industries of 21C capitalism (which is robber-baron monopoly capitalism on methedrine & steroids).

No, this goes much deeper: these peoples’ conscious or unconscious reasons, drives, whatever you want to call what pushes them into this lethal stance, have, I am now convinced, another, darker motif: genocide. These people know that the most disastrous & lethal effects of climate collapse at least for the next few decades — & thus for their & possibly their children’s life-time — will not be in the white North but in the black & brown Souths. And so the more floods, storms, droughts, famines there will be to bleed out or at least reduce the populations south of the borders — be that the to-be-walled off border between the US & Latin America or the “natural” border the Mediterranean & its dangerous waters between Europe & Africa represents — the more those northern deniers will rejoice inside, while on the outside crying crocodile tears for the poor starving southern peoples & buying off their guilt via little judas-money to christian or other charities.

That this strategy will backfire & wipe out the unthinking perpetrators too is obvious — MAD or mutually assured destruction, though invented in the context of nuclear war, applies to this disastrous course as well. Race-hatred has never had any grounding in reason or science, so what looks like a certain race (in that other meaning of the word) toward suicidal extinction should not come as a surprise. The sub-tribe of homo sapiens sapiens that is homo not-so-sapiens albus albus has some very fast thinking & acting to do if it wants this earth to remain inhabitable for our species. There is nothing that says that we are not expendable. There is no chosen people or species.


Photos via The Guardian. Article that made me think, here.

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  1. Graeme Leitch says:

    Thank you for this . See also Amitav Ghosh on the ”politics of the armed lifeboat” in
    The Great Derangement : climate science and the unthinkable .

    Kind regards, Graeme

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