Uri Avnery — In One Word: Poof!

April 12, 2014 In One Word: Poof! POOR JOHN Kerry. This week he emitted a sound that was more expressive than pages of diplomatic babble. In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations committee he explained how the actions of the Israeli government had torpedoed the “peace process”. They broke their obligation to release Palestinian prisoners, and at the same time announced the enlargement of more settlements in East … Read more Uri Avnery — In One Word: Poof!

Avnery on the Iran Deal

Dimona Nuclear Reactor, Negev Nuclear Research Center Uri Avnery November 30, 2013 The Debacle THE GREATEST danger to Israel is not the putative Iranian nuclear bomb. The greatest danger is the stupidity of our leaders. This is not a uniquely Israeli phenomenon. A great many of the world’s leaders are plain stupid, and always have been. Enough to look at what happened in Europe in July 1914, when an incredible … Read more Avnery on the Iran Deal

Avnery: Cry, Beloved Country

Uri Avnery August 24, 2013 Cry, Beloved Country I DIDN’T want to write this article, but I had to. I love Egypt. I love the Egyptian people. I have spent some of the happiest days of my life there. My heart bleeds when I think of Egypt. And these days I think about Egypt all the time. I cannot remain silent when I see what is happening there, an … Read more Avnery: Cry, Beloved Country

Uri Avnery: A new Guinness Record

 August 17, 2013   I DON’T know if the Guinness Book of World Records has a special section for Chutzpah. a If it does not, it should. That’s the one competition where we might take home a few gold medals. The first one would surely go to Binyamin Netanyahu.  THIS WEEK, on the eve of the first round of serious negotiations between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority, Netanyahu … Read more Uri Avnery: A new Guinness Record

Uri Avnery on Obama’s Visit to Palestine

This Avnery piece is to me the most accurate analysis of Obama’s visit I’ve read: In Their Shoes OBAMA IN ISRAEL: Every word right. Every gesture genuine. Every detail in its place. Perfect. Obama in Palestine: Every word wrong. Every gesture inappropriate. Every single detail misplaced. Perfect. IT STARTED from the first moment. The President of the United States came to Ramallah. He visited the Mukata’a, the “compound” which … Read more Uri Avnery on Obama’s Visit to Palestine

Avnery on UN resolution

Uri Avnery : The Strong and the Sweet IT WAS a day of joy. Joy for the Palestinian people. Joy for all those who hope for peace between Israel and the Arab world And, in a modest way, for me personally. The General Assembly of the United Nations, the highest world forum, has voted overwhelmingly for the recognition of the State of Palestine, though in a limited way. The resolution … Read more Avnery on UN resolution

Avnery: Once And For All!

Uri Avnery November 24, 2012  THE MANTRA of this round was Once And For All. “We must put an end to this (the rockets, Hamas, the Palestinians, the Arabs?) Once and For All!” – this cry from the heart was heard dozens of times daily on TV from the harassed inhabitants of Israel’s battered towns and villages in the South. It has displaced the slogan which dominated several decades: … Read more Avnery: Once And For All!

Avnery: Another Superfluous War

Uri Avnery November 17, 2012 Another Superfluous War HOW DID it start? Stupid question. Conflagrations along the Gaza Strip don’t start. They are just a continuous chain of events, each claimed to be a [or “in”] “retaliation” for the previous one. Action is followed by reaction, which is followed by retaliation, which is followed by … This particular event “started” with the firing from Gaza of an anti-tank weapon … Read more Avnery: Another Superfluous War

Avnery on Debate

Here’s Uri Avnery’s take on the 2nd debate & beyond:   The Man with the Uzi THERE WAS this young Israeli who was captured by cannibals. They put him in the cooking pot and were about to light the fire, when he expressed one last wish: “Please box my ears!” When the cannibal chief obliged, the Israeli jumped up, leveled his Uzi and mowed down his captors. “If you … Read more Avnery on Debate

Avnery on Syria

As usual, Avnery’s takes are fascinating & excellent food for the intelletto. This week the topic is Syria: Uri Avnery August 11, 2012  Bloody Spring) ON A flight to London in 1961, I had a unique experience. On the way, the plane made a stop in Athens and a group of Arabs joined us. That by itself was an experience. In those days, Israelis hardly ever met people from … Read more Avnery on Syria