For Tom Raworth (July 19, 1938 – February 8, 2017)…

… poet, traveler, publisher, performer, friend, fastest pen-in-cheeck reader in the East & the West, teacher, quiet hurricane, mover, inspirer. Travel well, my friend, you who always knew how to move with grace through the barzakhs of all our in-betweens. Here a poem a wrote for Tom a few years back:

Tom Raworth’s “As When: A Selection”

THE MOON UPOON THE WATERS by Tom Raworth for Gordon Brotherston the green of days : the chimneys alone : the green of days and the women the whistle : the green of days : the feel of my nails the whistle of me entering the poem through the chimneys plural : i flow from the (each) fireplaces the green of days : i barely reach the sill the … Read more Tom Raworth’s “As When: A Selection”

A Joyful Summit, part 1: Tom Raworth & Anselm Hollo

Steven Fowler organized these readings held a few nights back at the Horse Hospital in London, and said of them: “it was a once in a lifetime reading and an unforgettable night of poetry.” An article reflecting upon the event is up on 3am magazine, here.