Sappho Translated

A week ago — on the 22 February to be accurate — I posted the original Greek version of the recently rediscovered poem by Sappho addressing/chiding her brother, without the rather stiff academic translation that accompanied the poem. I suggested that I’d be interested in a better translation and — no major surprise, really (I had hopes that he would take the bait), though a very pleasant one — poet & … Read more Sappho Translated

Sappho Criticizes Her Brother

Recently two as yet unknown poems by Sappho were discovered, one of which, btw, confirms our man Herodotus — the father of prose — as a better historian than he is usually given credit for by the champions of Thucydides (i.e. historians in the employ of the state that won.) Indeed, Herodotus spoke of the so-called “brother poem” a poem in which Sappho criticized her brother Charaxos or his … Read more Sappho Criticizes Her Brother