Norman Weinstein’s Homage to Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor: Completion Then Scherzo in Mind (1928-2018) : keyboard, acquire roiling equipoise. Who once sent your keys catapulting into free space breathes somewhere his vapor trail here after remains in visible, his touch whole tone holy sprit tongues vibrate as waves shimmer radiant radiant off a Telsa coil.             This meteor  shower dis ceased clears a night sky for constellations which swell at … Read more Norman Weinstein’s Homage to Cecil Taylor

Norman Weinstein: Elegy for Roswell Rudd

  Elegy for Roswell Rudd: Curtain Calls With Glissandos Galore just nerve-jazzed getting off Wilshire then mysterious left turns then soccer field arises, horizon fills with team of middle-aged realtors, one puts a trombone in my face “HERE!” & tosses cornball straw hat “HERE!” so trombone wraps itself boa-bodacious around shoulders & neck, while hat turns into half- assed mute, Dixieland dollar store style,  & someones shouting orders, pretend … Read more Norman Weinstein: Elegy for Roswell Rudd

Norman Weinstein on “Barzakh”

Just published on Jacket2; below the opening paras & the link to the whole piece. Healer and hunter: A review of Pierre Joris’s ‘Barzakh’ NORMAN WEINSTEIN Barzakh: Poems 2000–2012 Pierre Joris Black Widow Press 2014, 306 pages, $19.95, ISBN 996007924 My father was a healer & a hunter. Is it any surprise I became a poet & translator? (“Nimrod,” 121) “Nothing truer than fragment” — I’m quoting Robert Kelly … Read more Norman Weinstein on “Barzakh”

Poetry for Architects

Old friend Norman Weinstein reviews Guillevic’s Geometries (read full article here): Book Review: Diving into Architecture from Every New Angle: Reading Guillevic’s “Geometries” Why an obscure book of French poetry in a flashy translation goes to the heart of every architectural practice. By Norman Weinstein June 3, 2011 There’s something provocative in Tadao Ando’s remark that “architecture is in dialogue with geometry” – an emphatic seconding of his constant interest … Read more Poetry for Architects