Special Issue of Refugee Poetry, MPT Launches ‘The Great Flight’

via Arab Literature (in English) &BY MLYNXQUALEY on APRIL 6, 2016 • ( 0 ) On Wednesday, April 13 at London’s Southbank Centre will host the launch of “The Great Flight,” Modern Poetry in Translation’s refugee-focussed issue, ed. Sasha Dugdale: Image from the Southbank Centre. The free event, which is set to begin at 8pm, will feature performances by Syrian poet Golan Haji, civil rights activist and writer Nasrin Parvaz, and translator-poet … Read more Special Issue of Refugee Poetry, MPT Launches ‘The Great Flight’

Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

via Arab Literature (in English): ‘Jetties’: Translating Mohammed Dib Through ‘Sound, Gesture, Movement and Sculpture’ by mlynxqualey Madeleine Campbell is the force behind the public engagement project Jetties, designed to stage the poetry of Algerian author Mohammed Dib (1920-2003) in contemporary frames and contexts. Campbell answered a few questions about Dib, translation, which of his books should compete in the World Cup of Lit, and her project: ArabLit: How did Jetties start? … Read more Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

Hagar & The Angel

On 23 May 2013, Madeleine Campbell & Nicole Peyrafitte performed Mohammed Dib‘s poem Aube in the context of the installation Hagar and the Angel by sonic artist Bethan Parkes and visual artist Birthe Jorgensen. Video by PJ. The installation & this performance are creative responses to The Hunterian art gallery’s exhibition of the oil painting by John Runciman entitled Hagar and the Angel. The Hunterian’s description of the show is here.

Three by Dib

Took the first volume of the Algerian writer Mohammed Dib’s  Collected Works (which consists of the Collected Poems, edited and presented by Habib Tengour — as published in 2007 by Editions de la Différence)  from the shelves this morning, and began to read. Then stopped reading after the opening 3 poems — from the first volume, Ombre Gardienne, originally  published in 1961. Couldn’t resist trying to translate them — … Read more Three by Dib