Algeria Celebrates

Fireworks above Sidi Fredj,in Algiers, 4 July 2012. (Photo Louafi Larbi. Reuters) A different 4 July fireworks: this one happened on the evening of 4 July in Algiers to start the celebration of today’s (5 July) 50th anniversary of Independence. Algeria will celebrate for a whole year, the government has so ordered.  No comments: it would take a full book-length essay to so much as approach the complexity, the joys, … Read more Algeria Celebrates

Rare 1956 TV Interview with Kateb Yacine on “Nedjma”

For those who have French, a rare & special treat — what is probably the first tv interview Kateb Yacine ever gave to French television when Nedjma — the defining Maghrebi novel of the fifties — came out.