Jörg Fauser

On this day, back in 1987, my old friend the German writer Jörg Fauser died, hit by a car. There isn’t much available in English, but check here & here. Way back when — very early 70s — I translated bits & pieces of his prose for underground magazines, but have no copies or docs of all that left. Like Jörg all his life, I was a beat-inspired Burroughs-devotee wanderer … Read more Jörg Fauser

Jörg Fauser — a Quarter Century Already

Started the day thinking on an old friend, the German writer Jörg Fauser, who was hit & killed by a car 25 years ago today — when at the tailend of his 43rd Birthday party he crawled through a fence & onto a highway. Am packing & getting ready to catch a flight to Europe, so no time for detailed reflections — just to say that Jörg, though on the surface readable … Read more Jörg Fauser — a Quarter Century Already