James Sherry’s Princely Oligarch

A most useful & thoughtful book, just out! (& James has a special offer which allows you to get the ebook for $15: use code PB2S17). Here is how the author describes his writing-through of Machiaveli’s classic: “This book uses the structure of Machiavelli’s The Prince to show how governance has changed over the last 500 years. If Machiavelli focuses on power concentrated in the hands of the republic or principalities, … Read more James Sherry’s Princely Oligarch

James Sherry’s Oops! Environmental Poetics

Back in Brooklyn, where the “rentrée” is much less hectic & thus much more pleasurable than in Paris… thus, first local fall pleasure, the event, two evenings ago, at Poisson Rouge for James Sherry’s new book Oops! Environmental Poetics published by Blaze VOX (you can buy it here). James read an extract from what looks like (well, sounded like) an excellent statement on ecopoetics  — actually I prefer his … Read more James Sherry’s Oops! Environmental Poetics