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  • Haiti, Césaire, Translation, & The New Yorker

    The New Yorker, as we well know, has a house style and is proud of it. That this may be a natural thing to aspire to for such a venerable old publication isn’t too problematic as long as it applies to its journalistic pieces, from “Talk of the Town” to the various in depth investigative […]

  • « Ayiti cheri, yon trezò pou memwa »

    Haïti chérie, trésors de mémoire by ileenile « Haïti chérie, trésors de mémoire » « Ayiti cheri, yon trezò pou memwa » En solidarité avec le peuple haïtien. Pour célébrer la beauté éternelle d’Haïti. Vidéo réalisée pour Île en île le 25 janvier 2010. Merci à Carole, Denizé, Virginie et surtout à Kendy. In solidarity […]

  • Port-au-Prince: Blast from the Past

    Port-au-Prince during the 40’s and 50’s — a nostalgic view pathetically foreshadowing the inevitable present (or is that hindsight? The cultural activity shown is the visit of foreigners — excellent ones indeed, but… Thus Aimé Césaire visits from Martinique, André Breton from France, as does the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam. All amidst old American cars […]

  • History of a Haitian Holocaust

    Here are the opening parts of a very forceful piece on Haiti & the US — very useful reading at this point of time, when we are inundated by self- congratulatory news about US help for Haiti. You can read the rest of Greg Palast’s piece here, on the OEN – OpenEd News website. The […]

  • Thomas C. Spear from Port-au-Prince

    Just found out via facebook that Thomas Spear is okay. Here is his (French) message from last night: juste un mot rapide pour dire que je vais bien ; j’étais à table avec Rodney Saint-Éloi (qui venait d’arriver) et Dany Laferrière au moment du séisme. On a passé la nuit dehors sur le terrain de […]

  • Epic Debris: Haiti

    Eerie feeling last night: had an email in the late afternoon from Claude Pierre, the Haitian poet, & just as I started to read & respond, the radio brought news of the earthquake. Communications seem to be down & I haven’t heard back.  I hope Claude Pierre, and my New York friend Thomas Spears who […]