Halloween Concert for Franz Kamin

These two videos of “Halloween Concert for Franz Kamin” were sent to me by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE whose notes state that this “was a memorial concert held at the Friends Meeting Hall in St Paul, MN, on October 30, 2010. Franz was a friend of mine since the 1970s whose writing, composing, & performance I’d championed since I 1st encountered a text of his at the Annual Avant-Garde Festival … Read more Halloween Concert for Franz Kamin

Franz Kamin (1941-2010)

Franz Kamin was a prolific composer whose musical works explore structural principals derived from topology, prosody, General Systems Theory, and esoteric/meditational processes in unusual combinations of genre and technique: conventional instruments and children’s toys; sound poetry and puppet theater; choreography and speaking chorus; systematic chance operations and programmed improvisation; performance scribbling and the live reading of narrative texts. Born in Milwaukee, Kamin studied composition at the University of Oklahoma … Read more Franz Kamin (1941-2010)