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  • Mikhl Likht addresses Ezra Pound…

    …in a poem translated from Yiddish & with a note by Ariel Resnikoff. E.P. After the Yiddish of Mikhl Likht A Ezra : Calm to no avail in classic banalities & offtimes magic clown not from breeding: Your pages — my out-dated prophecies. Your book — sesame for my psychic aventuras. I make a pact […]

  • EP Auf Deutsch

    Fifty years after Ezra Pound’s death, the Swiss/German publisher Arche Verlag is bringing out the first complete German translation of The Cantos, translated by noted Pound scholar Eva Hesse (who worked on this translation for some 60 years!), edited & with commentaries by Heinz Ickstadt und Manfred Pfister. It is a bilingual edition that comes to 1480 […]

  • Jackson Mac Low Writing Through Ezra

    Writing through Ezra (PoemTalk #46) Jackson Mac Low, “Words nd Ends from Ez” POEMTALK Jackson Mac Low, Ezra Pound LISTEN TO THE SHOW Writes Al Filreis, PoemTalk’s producer & host: PoemTalk travelled to Bard College, where we gathered with Charles Bernstein, Pierre Joris, and Bard’s own Joan Retallack to talk about Jackson Mac Low‘s Words nd Ends from Ez (1989). The project was […]

  • Celan, Goethe, Hahneman, Handke and more.

    Skimming the Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 10.07.2010 (and then having to buy 2 of the articles for € 2 each — i.e. basically the price of the whole Sunday Times here in NYC) — I came across these bits which may be of interest: — What do a JS Bach receipt for 32 cents (well, […]