Ed Sanders Celebrates 1959

Ed Sanders reading historical hymn to 1959 with the Terri Lyne Carrington ensemble on 26 June, sponsored by Poets House, co-sponsored by the River-to-River Festival and the Battery Park City Authority – See more here.

Sunflower, Weary of Time for Tuli Kupferberg

Ed Sanders, Stephen Taylor and Coby Batty, as a sort of Fugs Trio singing a song composed by Ed Sanders & based on William Blake‘s “Ah, Sunflower, Weary of Time” at the celebrations for what would have been  Tuli‘s 87th birthday on 28 September at The Living Theater in NYC.

Ed Sanders sings Charles Olson

Here is an extract of the closing concert at the Worcester Charles Olson conference: Ed Sanders reads & sings his music’in of Olson’s Maximus from Dogtown I. Ed Sanders reads/sings Charles Olson’ “Maximus from Dogtown I” from Pierre Joris on Vimeo.