Syria, Ten Months Later

Today the Syrian revolution enters into its 10th month; 15 December is the 276th day on which blood has flowed. 
الثورة السورية دخلت شهرها العاشر اليوم/ 15/12/2011 =

هو اليوم الـ 276 الدمويّ 

Statistics until 14/12/2011 إحصائيات الضحايا لغاية

Syrians killed: + 5,198
Children killed: 332

Injured: +25,000
Missing: + 50,000
Protestors killed under torture: + 177
Protestors currently incarcerated: + 59,000
Syrian refugees since March: + +17,727

ضحايا الثورة تجاوزت: + 5,198
ضحايا الثورة من الأطفال:   332

الجرحى: +25,000
المفقودون + 50,000
ضحايا الثورة الذين ماتوا تحت التعذيب: + 177
المعتقلون حالياً حوالي + 59,000
اللاجئون السوريون منذ بداية الثورة + +17,727 


Source:  The Strategic Research & Communication Centre


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2 Responses

  1. Poo says:

    Ah poppies. I was amused when a CNN host asked a Brit what they were wearing on tv one morning. We wear poppies here too. I suppose all the Commonwealth does. As for Syria, I’m afraid the west has lost the appetite for other people’s battles, save for perhaps in Iraq where the U.S. is currently building a “compound” larger than the Vatican for all the administrators, engineers and the soldiers left behind to protect them. I wonder if this is what Bush meant when he picked the departure date. Could it be what Obama meant when he honored it. Oh well. Obama really wanted the soldiers to stay. They are only coming home because he failed to negotiate a deal that would permit them to stay even longer. Better home than away, I’m sure. The Syrians will be left to their own devices and that of their neighboring friends if they have any. The death toll will sadly climb. No doubt the west will arm any organized resistance they form but any other assistance seems remote at this time. It’s Fortress America for the forseeable future. Besides, none of the “uprisings” in the region will turn out as the west hopes. “Freedom” does not mean the same thing there as it does here. Freedom there means freedom from whoever happens to be in charge. They exchange the military for the Mullahs or some combination of both. Not my idea of independence. Freedom here is total including my right to type what I think and enter it on blogs. I do obey traffic laws. The young Egyptians are finding they died on the streets for no reason at all. They have no seat at the table. They aren’t even in the same house. I fear for those who dissent in the future. I suspect Syria will end up much the same. The west is better advised to get their own houses in order. It’s time. We’re in worse shape than we think. Seasons Greetings to all and let’s hope the souls of those slaughtered Syrians rest in some kind of peace.

  2. Poo says:

    P.S. before someone mentions it, thousands of U.S. soldiers will be left in Kuwait to keep an eye on “things.” Could Syria be one of these things?

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