Sunday mushrooms

Today, sunday, lovely 3 hour hike on the Plotter Kill Nature Preserve, near Rotterdam, NY. Given the rains of the last couple days, and the full moon just over, the mushrroms were out en force. One gorgeous one I weakly suggested at first sight could possibly be an amanita, Nicole immediately recognized as a cèpe, a king bolus — and a delicacy we love to eat in the Pyrenees. Well, we found a few more of those mothers, took them home, drove to Delmar to our mycology-savvy friend Bobby, who said they were good boluses (or boli) one and all, though advised to keep a sliver of the cap of each one just in case we needed to show something to the doctor; did that, then sauteed them with olive oil, garlic & parsley and ate them with great relish. (It is now four hours later & we’re fine, my typing doesn’t seem affected, Nicole just forwarded the pix she took, & here they are — a pleasant & easy Sunday afternoon:

And here a few more photos of mushrooms we thought beautiful but didn’t consider eating:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Pierre, those are most definitely boletus edulis, and if you aren’t alive as I type this, it is not because of those.

    The last two pictures are sulfur shelf (though past their prime), an excellent polypore, popularly known as Chicken of the Woods, for it tastes very much like chicken! The pic above the sulfurs is of an inedible species of polypore, maybe a young False Turkey Tail, would have to get the guide out, but clearly a woody. And the ones above that, not quite sure either, but the only mushrooms with *gills* growing on wood that are safe to harvest (once you learn to recognize them, they are easy to tell) are oysters, spring and fall. NEVER eat anything with gills that grows on decaying wood in the wild and is small and brownish. These are often the deadly galerina autumnalis, just as poisonous as the baddest amanita!


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