Summer Reading

We’ll be off on our yearly transhumance (I did nearly spell it “trancehumance”) this Saturday for a nomadic working summer in Alt Europa. Did already sent a list of my summer readings to Ron Slate who had asked me for one (it will appear eventually on his site). Ron asked for four to six titles, so I complied. Of course as I am packing — & despite airlines’ strict weight policies — more books get added to the summer reading pile. So here are three extra ones for today:

ArkadiArkadi Dragomoschenko.
Endarkment. Selected Poems. Edited by Eugene Ostashevsky. Wesleyan University Press 2014.   

GriffBill Griffiths. Collected Poems & Sequences (1981-91). Edited by Alan Halsey. Reality Street 2014. This is the second volume of Griffiths Collected, which should turn out to be at least 3 volumes, if not four.

HafezGeoffrey Squires. Hafez: Translations and Interpretations of the Ghazals. Miami University Press, 2014. At first quick perusal this looks like the best Hafez by far I have come across, with an excellent & most useful apparatus.

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