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Here is the latest information re the NYPL plans from the Committee to Save the New York Public Library:

Dear friend,

Thursday’s State Assembly hearing on the Central Library Plan and the New York Public Library’s plans to sell off branch libraries was a tremendous success!  The room was jammed to capacity with over 125 people; more than 50 people spoke eloquently and passionately in favor of saving the 42nd Street Library, the Mid-Manhattan, and branch libraries across the city.

Under pressure from Assemblymember Micah Kellner, who chaired the hearing, NYPL President Anthony Marx promised to commission an independent review of the cost of the Central Library Plan, and to release an analysis of the costs of rehabilitating the Mid-Manhattan library on its existing site.

This is a big victory. An independent review of both the cost of the Central Library Plan and the cost of alternatives such as renovating the Mid-Manhattan has long been one of our demands; the NYPL’s agreement to engage in such a review is an important step forward.  We are confidant that facts and clear analysis will defeat this destructive plan.

The headline of the New York Times’ excellent article about the hearing sums up the situation: “Critics Prompt New Review of Library Plan.”  This is happening because of the work that all of you have done to oppose the Central Library Plan.  For more information about the hearing, please see the NY Times article:

The devil, of course, is in the details.  We must keep up the pressure in order to ensure that the review is thorough, accurate, and genuinely independent. Assemblymember Kellner has promised additional hearings, and we will work hard to hold the NYPL to its promises.

Our campaign needs your help. Securing experts, organizing rallies, increasing our online presence, and all the other things we are doing to raise awareness of this critical issue cost money. Any assistance you can give is immensely appreciated and will help us get all our voices heard.  If you can, please make a tax-deductible donation of any size (using credit card, paypal, or check) by going to:


The Committee to Save the New York Public Library
232 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003

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