Raworth Moviola Snippet

That was a superb reading by Tom Raworth last night — beyond the call of duty, given the nasty bronchitis with which he had come down. Go catch him in Baltimore, Denver, Boulder & wherever the last 2 weeks of his US-tour take him. Here’s a moviola snippet of his opening gambit, a high-sarcasm ode to the war:

Well, though it is only a snippet, it does take a long time to load, so for you, the impatient ones, here’s an audio bit, from a bit later in the redaing, & from an 80ies set of poems called SURVIVAL:

audio bit

And after all that, here’s a picture at dinner later one, with, from left to right:

Anne Lauterbach, Tom Raworth, John Ashbery & Joan Retallack.

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