Paul Buck’s Pressed Curtains Tape Project


by Eric Mottram, Paul Buck, Ulli McCarthy, Bill Griffiths, Pierre Joris, Allen Fisher, Robert Kelly, Cris Cheek, Kathy Acker, Jean-Luc Parant


Each boxed set costs £50 – total prices include postage

In the late 1970s Paul Buck initiated a series of cassette releases tied to his magazines Curtains andTwisted Wrist. Of a projected series, only a couple saw the light of day, made to order from master tapes and given handwritten labels. Beyond these 2 tapes (by Eric Mottram and, in combination, Buck and Ulli McCarthy) lay far more extensive recordings of magazine contributors, friends and correspondents.

Some were recorded at Buck’s home in Hebden Bridge, some were sent in correspondence, and others were recorded from public readings. A mixture of straight readings, performance pieces, or improvisations in the area of sound poetry, the archive is a unique collection which captures the experimentation and creative energies of an exciting and influential group of writers and performers.

This boxed set makes the complete collection available for the first time. A number of the recordings have never been heard in public before.

The set contains 10 tapes, as follows:

001: Eric Mottram
002: Paul Buck
003: Ulli McCarthy
004: Bill Griffiths
005: Pierre Joris
006: Allen Fisher
007: Robert Kelly
008: Cris Cheek
009: Kathy Acker
010: Jean-Luc Parant

10 white audio cassette tapes in card slip case + printed booklet containing extensive sleeve notes
Released in an edition of 50 copies
In association with Blank Editions
Sound production: James Torrance
Cover art: Perle Petit

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