Abdellatif Laâbi's Poem for Florence Aubenas

On 5 January 2005 Florence Aubenas, a French journalist, and her Iraqi guide Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi were abducted in Baghdad. They are still being detained by unknown captors, though 2 videos have surfaced on which Aubenas is seen forced to recite a prewritten text. A few days ago the Moroccan poet Abdellatif Laâbi (who himself was jailed from 1972 to 1980 in Morocco for political reasons) published the following … Read more Abdellatif Laâbi's Poem for Florence Aubenas


The desire to do a blog has been with me for some time now. The time to do so not, however. Now, with a sabbatical in front of me, that time may have arrived. We’ll see: no promises. This is an essay, literally, a try. Some of what went into the notebooks to emerge — maybe, at times, much later or never, much altered or not — will now … Read more Welcome