On opacity (2)

And this further comment by Paul Celan:

Leave the poem its darkness; maybe — maybe! — it will give, when the excessive brightness, which the exact sciences today already know how to put before our eyes, will have changed the very ground of the human genotype, — maybe it will give, on the ground of this ground, shade in which man can reflect on his humanity.

And one more:

The poem speaks of the first and most accidental things as if they were the last ones: The near is at the same time the infinitely distant; if it has the opacity of what stands opposite it, it also has the brightness of the faraway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    but when the “human genotype” changes to android and cyborg, will these latter “reflect on humanity”? or on celan’s “tree-high thought” as it sheds its “shade in which” to reflect?

    darkness, brightness; opacity, brightness… where is “the ground of this ground”?

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