More Pyrenean Pix

Dianthus barbatus L.: in French “l’oeillet de poète,” literally “the poet’s carnation,” — in English known as “Sweet William.”

Eye of the Thistle

Schist / Slate Face: You’d love to write on it.

Nicole @ the Center of one World

Doing the there-is-a-free-lunch thing


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2 Responses

  1. Poo says:

    Thanks. Nice to feel included.

  2. Victoria says:

    Wonderful Pyrenean pics. Love Dianthus flowers and there is a special taste to found food when one is on a walk.

    Great wall of schist. Very gneiss! No schist! Heh. Beautiful sheer, flow cleavage there. Schistosity.

    Great for wine.

    Glad fracking has been banned in France:

    Do they have a war on terroirists in that part of the world? *feeling lousily punny this overcast Hell’s Kitchen afternoon

    Schist terroirist

    Love the geological map of the Pyrenees, you can see how intense the geological action was there, where Spain meets France, a bit like India meets China with the Himalayan range. Even some similar alpine creatures as the Himalayas, the lammergeier, ibex (sadly now extinct since 2000 !), bear.

    Like knowing humans are made of carbon from stardust, there’s something magic in knowing the local Pyrenees wine is flavored with the nutrients from rock 200,000,000 years old.

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