Light Summer Reading

vaneigemHave finally settled down enough to get some reading done, but before moving to my two biggies (the new Sollers & the new Debray — of which more when I’ll have read & digested them), I am finishing Raoul Vaneigem’s Journal Imaginaire (Le Cherche Midi, 2006)  on which I already reported last summer. Meditative stuff, well worth reading in the morning sun, watching the buzzards catch an updraft along the mountainside. Here’s a small sample:

There’s no time so bristling with irritations that it cannot be caressed or cajoled.

I draw great comfort from the thought that any situation or state is only a becoming, for it is up to me to give it direction, to orient it for better or worse; it is up to me to guide myself be consulting the compass of the moment where, even when distraught, the needle always ends up pointing to the magnetic pole of aliveness.

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