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I haven’t had the time to catch up with signandsight in recent weeks — but here the site’s most recent posts:


Legacy of denial

Germany has been rocked by the disclosures surrounding the series of neo-Nazi murders of Turkish citizens. In the wake of these events, Former GDR dissident Freya Klier calls for an honest look at the xenophobia cultivated by the policies of the former East Germany, where the core of the so-called “Brown Army Faction” was based. And demands that East Germans finally confront a long-denied past.

And in our Magazine Roundup:

Moroccans are no less hungry for freedom that Tunisians, activist Hisham Almiraat explains in openDemocracy. But their elites are too cowardly, fears Moroccan journalist Driss Ksikes in Le Monde. Die Welt watches Rutger Hauer explain why Jesus was hidden in Breugel’s painting. El Pais Semanal meets a homeless man who wanted to become an executioner. Elet es Irodalom tries to see the positive in the far-right takeover of the New Theatre in Budapest. Gustav Seibt in the SZ scoffs at Habermas’ belief in the European citizen. And in Magyar Narancs, Israeli writer Etgar Keret believes the mass demonstrations in Israel have changed the nation’s discourse.

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