How to Help in Lebanon

Seems like the site was down yesterday most of the time — at least from my European time perspective — & I was unable to post — in fact lost a post I had started but not yet saved. So here a few things on Lebanon & Palestine.

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By all accounts, Israel’s disproportionate attack has caused a mounting humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and with most of the country’s infrastructure destroyed by air strikes, medical technicians willing to brave the bombings are facing great difficulties traversing crater-filled roads and burning bridges to even reach the thousands of wounded civilians.

How to help?

Nation columnist Naomi Klein is urging support for the Sanayeh Relief Center, established by a group of non-sectarian Lebanese leftists. Sanayeh is providing relief at 27 schools in the city of Beirut, which are currently housing 9,117 displaced people–more than 1,000 under the age of five–from the southern regions of Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut. Check out the ActNow blog for more info.

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Alsp, this from Palestine Media Warch:

PMWATCH has established a new blog for the purpose of
systematically collecting, publishing, and archiving
media activist activities on the Middle East conflict.

The blog can be found at:

If you read, hear, or see anything you don’t like
about the mainstream media’s coverage of the conflict,
drop us a line at and we will
consider publishing your note in our blog.

Please be as specific as possible in your note: what
media outlet the note pertains to, the infraction,
the, date, time, links if appropriate, etc.

By default, we do not publish the identity of
submitter, unless otherwise told.


Ahmed Bouzid
Palestine Media Watch

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Recent media coverage, much of it focused on the voices
from the ground in Lebanon and Gaza, includes the
Washington Post, The Times (London), CBC, NRC Handelsblad
(Netherlands), Pioneer Press (MN), The Nation, and several
radio programs on both coasts of the United States and in
Canada. Read more at:


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