Frankfurt Book Fare

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Well, the annual Frankfurt book fare is in full swing. Their official site is here. And below the current sightandsight entries that talk about it & related matters:

From the Feuilletons:

A literary leviathan of a week! What with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the
German Book Prize and of course the Nobel Prize for Literature. Not to
mention the first full German translation of Vassily Grossman’s
1000-page epic of “Life and Fate” under Stalin.

Let us now read about famous men

Germany’s book market is being flooded this autumn by biographies of
dead male writers. Ina Hartwig examines the whys, wherefores and
potential pitfalls of this latest literary craze.

Love and two coffins

German-Turkish director Fatih Akin’s “The Edge of Heaven” won the best
screen play award at Cannes. Now showing in German cinemas, it is a
light, bright film about death, an optimistic requiem full of little
utopias. By Katja Nicodemus

Magazine Roundup:

How can one still be on the left, asks Bernard-Henri Levy in the
Nouvel Obs. Trouw fans the flames of the Dutch integration debate. Il
Foglio presents the only Native American in the Mussolini camp. Elet
es Irodalom congratulates Magda Szabo, grande dame of Hungarian
raconteurs, on her 90th. Steven Pinker explains in The New Republic
the semantic distinction between making love and fucking. The New
Statesman scrutinises the legacy of Che Guevara. And The New York
Times is concerned about British libel law.

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