"fifty friends in Lebanon"

Judith Malina & Hanon Reznikov of the Living Theater have just sent out the following text concerning the war in Lebanon:

We have fifty friends in Lebanon.
Fifty friends under bombardment.
We worked together a long time
in Tripoli and in Beirut and at Baalbek
and we passed through Sidon and Tyre
as we went on to fulfill our creation at Khiam,
at the torture museum run by Hezbollah
where we performed our own play about
what happens when we turn against each other.
And we have lived, too, in the Arab town of Acco
where we brought Antigone’s challenge to the fore
and now the missiles are falling on Acco, too
and we haven’t been able to find our friends there, either…

To make it all right is simple.
To decide to do it is hard.

Judith & Hanon

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