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From the Feuilletons

Claude Lanzmann is in shock: cinema-goers in Hamburg who wanted to see
his film “Why Israel”, were attacked by a mob to shouts of “Jewish
pigs” – and no one paid any attention. Jonathan Littell sends a
reportage from Chechnya, where reality is two bullets in the head.
Last week’s interview with Imre Kertesz in Die Welt has sparked much
anti-Semitic spitting in Hungary, the German paper reports. And
according to the SZ, Botticelli did more for male than female
sexuality: he introduced vulnerability.

Magazine Roundup

In OpenDemocracy, the Moscow poet Tatiana Sherbina tears her hair out
over Russia’s obsession with Stalin. Polityka celebrates a film where
it’s okay not to be heroic. The London Review of Books cements its
friendship with Roland Barthes. In Espresso, Umberto Eco suggests
removing Christ from classroom crucifixes. In the New York Review of
Books, Timothy Garton Ash talks velvet and guillotines. Magyar Narancs
talks candidly about the Roma. The New Yorker eats in secret with a
Michelin inspector. In Letras Libras, writer Cesar Aira explains why
people shouldn’t be forced to read. And Newsweek sings a swansong to
America, the land of innovation.

The ‘execution’ of a young Kurd

On November 11, Ehsan Fattahian, a 28-year old Kurdish freedom
fighter, was dealt ‘sudden death’ in a prison in the Kurdish province
of Iran. Nobody was present at the execution and no medical
certificate was released. The same fate has befallen any number of
demonstrators who took part in the protests after the elections, and
lays ahead for 12 other political prisoners in jails throughout Iran.
By Ahmad Eskandari

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