Eric Mottram @ Wickipedia

A few days ago I came across the Wickipedia entry for Eric Mottram — after one of the entry’s writers asked me for permission to use the photo of Eric up on my site for the ‘pedia. Which in turn made me realize that my Mottram site has been laying fallow for a couple years now: up & visitable but nothing new for ages.

So, I would like to invite anyone who wants to contribute an article, essay, information, photo, remembrance, etcetera on & of Mottram, to send it to me so that I can put togther a second issue of Mott Mag. Eric’s been gone ten years now, & it may be time to bring him & his work back to mind.

Which also gives me occasion to mention that my website has moved to a new domain address and has been completely redesigned by old friend John Maas’s observedesign. Have a look & a listen.

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