Eric Mottram Remembered: Videos of the Kings College Conference


Eric Mottram Remembered:

Poet, Professor and Cultural Firebrand

King’s College, London 23 April 2018

   Master of Ceremonies: Clive Bush

Videos: Optic Nerve


1 An introduction to the Mottram papers by Valerie Soar, including her recent work Eric, the man and his archive
2 Allen Fisher on The Ethical and Marvellous:  Eric  Mottram and Visual Art
3 Dale Carter on From State to Doer:   Eric Mottram and Politics
4 Juha Virtanen on The legacy of the British Poetry Revival and the Materiality of Archives
5 Panel discussion: the legacy of Eric Mottram Led by Ken Edwards, Peter Middleton, Gavin Selerie, Robert Hampson, PeterBarry and Michael Hrebeniak. Chaired by Clive Bush.
6 Audio recording by John Whiting on Obi-Wan Kenobi meets Admiral Ackbar: Eric Mottram talks with Erik Bauersfeld at October Sound
7 Pierre Joris on A Transatlantic Turbine: Eric Mottram in the world today’

Videos by Colin Stills; webpage/youtube set-up by John Whiting. Thanks to them!


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