End of the Market, here comes the Fado

Here’s Zukofsky in blue with Maurice Blanchot at his feet &
Christian Prigent on his right

Well, it’s been the road again for a week, leaving Paris for Luxembourg, then Luxembourg for the Algarve — that European Far West, the name of which goes back to the more lenient days of Arab presence in Europe, the root of which is gh.r.b, the same root that gives “Maghreb,” i.e. the West. But before coming back to the present, here is another sequence of photos from the previous week in Paris — portraits of friends met at the Marché de la poésie, where “market” clearly has more to do with the place as meeting place than with heavy capitalist exchanges.

Luxembourg writer Lambert Schlechter on whose latest book I reported back in April, and who today is receiving the major Luxembourg literary prize, the “Prix Servais.” Bravo, Lambert.

Luxembourg poet & playwright Nico Helminger who is also the translator my my Selected Poems into German, resting in the shade of the Editions PHI stand before rushing back to Luxembourg to finish tweaking the wo plays he has coming up this fall.

More to come… the sun is out, the sea stretched out at our feet, time for a swim.

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