El Corno Emplumado, Medellin Poetry Festival, Bin Laden's win

Off to NYC to catch an evening (film & panel) on that great sixties magazine El Corno Emplumado edited by Margaret Randall and Sergio Mondragon between 1962 and 1969; and a further evening taking my elder son to a lecture on sake, followed of course by a tasting.

For interested New Yorkers, here are the details of the El Corno Emplumado evening:

Friday, September 29, 6:15 pm: a screening of “el corno emplumado/the plumed horn – a story from the sixties,” followed by a panel with, Sergio Mondragón, Margaret Randall, Jerome Rothenberg, Cecilia Vicuña, and Anne Mette W. Nielsen, at the Auditorio del King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, New York University, 53 Washington Square South.

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The notings below seemed interesting to me in their different ways:

Medellin Poetry Festival’s Alternative Nobel

via: Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa
Published: Thursday September 28, 2006

Bogota- For a poetry initiative in the one-time violence- plagued Colombian drug capital of Medellin, Thursday’s award of an Alternative Nobel Prize gave global recognition to the search for peace in their region, the recipients said. The International Poetry Festival of Medellin in Colombia earlier Thursday received a 2006 Right Livelihood Award, a monetary prize created in 1980 by Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull to reward outstanding work in the defence of peace, human rights and the environment as well as the fight against poverty and social inequality.

full article here.

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& this meditation on our government’s latest stupidities in signing off on Bush’s interrogation techniques by Meteor Blades:

It is said that Osama bin Laden was surprised but gleeful upon learning that his hand-picked hijackers had done more than expected and toppled the twin towers of the World Trade Center. But the devastation of that attack five years ago caused minuscule damage compared with the dirty bomb that the Senate and House have exploded in our midst this week. The rule of law is contaminated. In the clash of civilizations, civilization took another hit.

If al Qaeda held five seats in the U.S. Senate, does anyone doubt that there would be five more ayes today to approve the Dungeons and Rendition Act? It wasn’t, however, al Qaeda that voted for torture and against habeas corpus. This was the act of men and women who swore an oath to the Constitution they have now chosen to eviscerate. Not all at once, mind you, rather death by a thousand cuts.

full article here.

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