Easy, easy Friday morning…

Nicole suggested a walk before starting into the day as sun was out & the air clear & that would do the head good, as indeed it did, so after a week of small and large d & d (deaths and disasters), today some happiness r & d.  Would of course have loved to jump into the waters of the Upper Bay, but the pollution is all too visible & repulsive. Watched our favorite cormorant dive & come up with his breakfast fish. On the way back we opened eyes, nose & lens for a gorgeous rose in the Narrows Botanical Gardens. Now listening to El Touali Hadj Houcine singing Algerian melhoun, totally gorgeous! Here’s a taste, a poem/song called Ruf A Dabel Le’Yan/Take pity, My Love of the Languorous Gaze:

[audio:https://pierrejoris.com/blog/audio/Ruf .mp3]

& two photos, des clichés, maybe, as the French say, but good enough for me this June Friday morning.

Nicole on Yogadeck @ Upper bay w/ chin on Manhattan

June Rose Cluster in Narrows Botanical Garden

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