Do Not Miss the Matthew Shipp Trio!

For my money, this is the best jazz happening right now in New York & beyond. Don’t miss it!

Oct. 7 and 8, both sets both nights, 8 and 10 pm
Matthew Shipp Trio with Whit Dickey and Michael Bisio 
The Stone
Ave C and E. 2nd St, NYC

Pianist Matthew Shipp persists as a resilient outsider, maintaining strong ties to NYC’s free-jazz community even as he assails its orthodoxies. He hits the Stone alongside bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey as part of a two-week series booked by Thirsty Ear, a label he helps to curate. Expect thunderstorm improv with deconstructed standards and lush meditations on somber, stately themes.

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