Dawn Redwoods, Super ice, Bookshelves, Bastille Day

DSC02731All those things they say about the stress of moving are true. Thus ten days without a post. But the books are on the shelves now, according to their categories (well, my decision as to how to categorize them), and in alphabetical order inside those categories (to be truthful, only the initial letters are alphbetically organized so far,inside those letters it’s anyone’s guess, thus f.ex. Eshleman right now is ahead of Enslin who beats out Eliot who is followed by Everson with Economou as last “E”). Haven’t even been able to finish Benjamin’s essay on unpacking one’s library, which I started to reread as I was packing it up…


Early morning stroll — ah, the leisure of it! — through the Narrows Botanical Garden just across the street. Stopped at the small stand of Dawn Redwoods, a species long thought extinct until a very old live tree was found in China some years ago, and now here, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, there’s a stand of twenty-some footers of that lovely tree. Anchored in the Narrows beyond them for three days now lies the SUPER ICE, a freighter whose name  sounds more like a ship category than a ship’s name.DawnRedwood

Nothing literary yet to report, except for a most pleasant visit by Louis Armand, and a welcome poem about Brooklyn from old friend Bill Sherman in the mailbox yesterday. Looking out my window into the trees and espying the narrows beyond them, this may be the motto for the view: “Six months green, six months blue.”

And already packing again: off to Europe tomorrow for the traditional yearly family visits to Southwest France and Luxembourg, plus a week’s worth of readings/performances at the excellent “Voix de la Méditerrannée” festival in Lodève with a bevy of poets from around the Mediterranean. If you are in Southcentral France at that time (18-26 July) drop in! You can find the complete program here. Will be landing in Paris at 8 a.m. on 14 July, Bastille day, an excellent place to celebrate my birthday as the French throw excellent parties with fireworks that very day.

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