Chomskyana Linguica

On 6 March, my blog pointed to a piece critical of Naom Chomsky — an odd quirky piece that gave rise to some interesting correspondence, among them a poem by Rochelle Owens. Rochelle clearly went to town, for she has added a second part, and you can read here on the New Verse News blog. Here’s the opening section of part I (which you can read in full here):

I was at a dinner party a dinner party I was
invited to the house the house of the famous American
linguist Noam Chomsky I was at a Chomsky dinner party
a party given by Chomsky a Chomsky dinner party Chomsky was
grilling chunks grilling chunks chunks
of Portuguese chunks of Portuguese sausage chunks linguica
linguica chunks of linguica Chomsky was grilling linguica
hosting a dinner party an informal dinner party at
his house his house on Cape Cod in Wellfleet Wellfleet
he was chomping on linguica Chomsky chomping
chomping Chomsky chomping linguica in his house

famous linguist and anarchist too
Israelphobic pious progressive Jew

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