Spinoza Lived Here

Via the Dutch online magazine Filosofie: ‘ALL OF THESE PEOPLE COME HERE FOR PHILOSOPHY?’ Foreign philosophers often react with surprise: why is philosophy so popular in the Netherlands? Dutch philosophers write bestsellers, the “philosophical cafes” are full, and the Month of Philosophy is flourishing. Does it have something to do with the national character of the Dutch? And does this say anything about the quest for meaning in the … Read more Spinoza Lived Here

Butler Adorn’od

I followed the Judith Butler debate in the German newspapers these past 6 weeks or so, but didn’t post on it. The following article from Muzzlewatch however is worth calling attention to as it is a good summary of the craven & unwarranted opposition to Butler being given the Adorno prize: Why Judith Butler had to be shut down Posted on September 25 2012 by Cecilie Surasky under Anti-semitism , Censorship , Educational Institutions.  The announcement of a … Read more Butler Adorn’od

Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (3)

[Third and Final installment: What did Galileo do?] Gilles: You said something quite marvelous. I insist on the following point because it’s a kind of philosophy in connection with modern science. I refer again to Bergson’s example, because to say that Bergson made a metaphysics from duration and liquidates science, one has to be profoundly retarded [débile] to say something like that. Bergson’s idea is that modern science gives … Read more Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (3)

Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (2)

[Part 2: Everything is event ] Everything is event, yes, including the great pyramid, says Whitehead. Even from the perspective of style, he’s quite Leibnizian. Generally, we consider an event as a category of very special things, for example, I go out into the street and get run over by a bus. It’s an event. But the great pyramid is not an event. At most, I would say, well … Read more Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz (2)

Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz

As I am reading through a range of Charles Olson’s writing in this, his centenary year, his favorite philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead, of course has been coming to mind again — although I haven’t come across anything new on him as yet in what I have seen of the Centennial occasions. Maybe something will come to light at some point. A couple days ago, Charles Stivale drew my attention … Read more Deleuze on Whitehead & Leibniz