Olga Martynova on the Oberiuts

This essay was published last month by signandsight (the piece first appeared in German in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on February 17, 2007.) Only came across it now, but it is fascinating enough to want to post it here. Olga Martynova, born in 1962 in Dudinka (Siberia), grew up in Leningrad. She lives and works as poet and literary critic in Frankfurt am Main. Her book ” Rom liegt irgendwo … Read more Olga Martynova on the Oberiuts

Juan Goytisolo Wins Premio Nacional

For once I couldn’t be happier for a Literary prize winner: Juan Goytisolo is indeed the major Spanish writer of the last half-century. Treat yourself and read his 3-volume autobiography, starting with Count Julian and Marks of Identity. Tremendous writing! Juan Goytisolo Wins Spain’s National Prize for Literature MADRID — Writer Juan Goytisolo won on Monday the National Prize for Spanish Literature, one of Spain’s most prestigious awards. With … Read more Juan Goytisolo Wins Premio Nacional