Gaza’s writers keep writing under the bombs

via The Electronic Intifada: Submitted by Sarah Irving on Sun, 07/20/2014 – 15:01 Smoke rises after an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City on 19 July. (Mohammad Othman / APA images) Despite Israel’s relentless aerial bombardments, shelling and ground attacks for nearly two weeks, Palestinian writers in Gaza have responded to the latest onslaught by doing what they know – writing. According to an email from Ra Page, director of Manchester-based Comma Press, which … Read more Gaza’s writers keep writing under the bombs


The horror of what’s happening in Gaza is there for all to see. Here are the opening lines of Mahmood Darwish’s poem on Gaza: Gaza is far from its relatives and close to its enemies, because whenever Gaza explodes, it becomes an island and it never stops exploding. It scratched the enemy’s face, broke his dreams and stopped his satisfaction with time. Because in Gaza time is something different. … Read more Gaza

Five Years After the Cast Lead Operation: ‘Gaza Writes Back’

Originally posted by Arabic Literature (in English): by mlynxqualey It was five years ago that Cast Lead began. Now a book of short stories, Gaza Writes Back, marks the anniversary. The book’s editor, Refaat Alareer, answers questions about the collection:  ArabLit: How did the idea for this collection come about? How did you put out the call for submissions? Did you tell the writers it was to commemorate Cast Lead? … Read more Five Years After the Cast Lead Operation: ‘Gaza Writes Back’

Daniel Cohn-Bendit @ European Parliament

At the European Parliament, Cohn-Bendit speaks (unhappily only in French) of the need for the European Community to come clear about Palestine & to back the Palestinians & tell Israel it has to stop its lies, for example “the lie that it wants to negotiate without preconditions, when in fact on the terrain they are changing the conditions continually … tell them to immediately stop the new implantations and … Read more Daniel Cohn-Bendit @ European Parliament

Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

Gaza repeats & repeats. Déjà vu all over again but not funny: murderous hellish inferno. I could scream when I hear American liberals, proud to have voted for Obama & with impeccable anti-war credentials, idiotically repeating the Israeli government’s fascizoid Benjamin Netanyahu’s line that the assaults & bombings are justified because “they fired rockets into Israel.” Even if later today a ceasefire were to come into effect, more than a … Read more Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

Avnery: Another Superfluous War

Uri Avnery November 17, 2012 Another Superfluous War HOW DID it start? Stupid question. Conflagrations along the Gaza Strip don’t start. They are just a continuous chain of events, each claimed to be a [or “in”] “retaliation” for the previous one. Action is followed by reaction, which is followed by retaliation, which is followed by … This particular event “started” with the firing from Gaza of an anti-tank weapon … Read more Avnery: Another Superfluous War

David Grossman on the Fate of Omar Abu Jariban

Alan Gilbert posted on this Haaretz article by David Grossman here. It seems worthwhile reposting this during the week of Benjamin Netanyahu visit to D.C., warmongering re Iran among the GOP freak show, the recent AIPAC conference, etc. Last Friday Haaretz did something unusual: it placed an opinion piece on top of its front page. But it wasn’t just an ordinary opinion piece, it was written by one of the country … Read more David Grossman on the Fate of Omar Abu Jariban

Alice Walker aboard Audacity of Hope

Yesterday the UK Guardian newspaper published an article by Alice Walker, the American poet — below the opening paragraphs; you can read the whole essay on rns — reader supported news — (a setup well worth backing, btw).. Why I’m Joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza   By Alice Walker, Guardian UK 25 June 11   Pulitzer prize-winning American writer Alice Walker is on board an international flotilla of boats … Read more Alice Walker aboard Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope — Comes to Gaza

State Department Officials Have an Obligation to Speak Out Against Israeli Threats to Attack U.S. Boat to Gaza Athens, June 24, 2011 – U.S. peace activists preparing to set sail on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, expressed profound disappointment over a statement issued by the U.S. State Department on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. Instead of calling on the Israeli government to let a flotilla of unarmed civilians … Read more The Audacity of Hope — Comes to Gaza

Juan Cole re Wikileaks on Gaza & the US

Wikileaks: Israelis ‘Intend to Keep the Gazan Economy on the Brink of Collapse’ Posted on 01/05/2011 by Juan The Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost has released a March, 2008, US embassy cable describing the Israeli blockade and siege of Occupied Gaza as an attempt to reduce the society to the lowest possible level of functioning without provoking a “humanitarian crisis” (presumably mass starvation). “Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on … Read more Juan Cole re Wikileaks on Gaza & the US