“As a Friend,” A Film by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte…

… shows tonight, Saturday November 22, 2014 @ 8:30PM as an official selection of the WILLIAMSBURG INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn 80 Wythe Ave Brooklyn, New York  (718) 460-8001 “As a Friend” is produced by Ta’wil Productions and Joseph Mastantuono. As A Friend – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Tawil Productions on Vimeo.

Věra Chytilová (1929-2014)

The great Czech filmaker Věra Chytilová has died at age 85. She is remembered  in Fandor (which is also where I found this clip from her masterpiece “Daisies”) by  David Hudson: “The director and screenwriter Věra Chytilová, the first lady of Czech film, died today in Prague at the age of 85,” reports the Prague Post. “As a filmmaker, Chytilová already made news with her student films, Ceiling (Strop, 1961) and … Read more Věra Chytilová (1929-2014)

Alain Resnais (1922 -2014)

Resnais: one of the masters, one of the great formalists who knew that form is only an extension of content (& vice-versa). Never repeated himself. Every movie (even if you didn’t like it, or if it wasn’t your favorite Resnais) a completely realized work of art & specific to its needs & processes. And the filmography is vast from shorts to documentaries to “fiction.” Check it out here. Coming … Read more Alain Resnais (1922 -2014)

& Cronenberg Interviews

…  Via the German Perlentaucher site (my daily info place for Kulchural matters from Germany) I just came upon these long interviews with David Cronenberg (btw. the above is a still pix, not a link). These aren’t available — as far as I can see — on youtube, but very watchable on the German 3sat site, here. (In a strange way my haircut theme from yesterday’s post on Cassavetes … Read more & Cronenberg Interviews

See John Cassavetes Get A Haircut

YouTube comment: The Haircut (Tamar Simon Hoffs, 1982) A true gem of a film … you either get it or you don’t. If you get it, you never forget it. For a better quality video pick up a copy of Tamar Hoff’s “The Allnighter” on DVD, it includes “The Haircut” as a bonus feature. The Haircut also features a short performance by ‘The Bangs’ a predecessor to the all-girl … Read more See John Cassavetes Get A Haircut

The Horse’s Ass As Aesthetic Gauge

In the German newspaper Die Welt, Siegfried Tesche speaks with filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, whose latest film Me and You just started its run in Germany, about movie-making and a range of other subjects (If you have German, read the interview here). One of the subjects under discussion is Sergio Leone, with whom Bertolucci had wanted to work very much. Here’s  Bertolucci recollection: “In the sixties Sergio Leone was one of the … Read more The Horse’s Ass As Aesthetic Gauge

Tears of the Crocodile

Below, the opening paras of Regina Keil-Sagawe’s excellent interview with Algerian novelist Yasmina Khadra in Qantara magazine; you can read the full interview here. “There Is a Life after Defeat” Now based in France, the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra is one of his country’s most successful authors. The film The Attack, based on Yasmina Khadra’s book of the same name, was honoured as Best International Literary Adaptation at this … Read more Tears of the Crocodile

Roger Denson’s article on “Breaking the Frame”

I may have been at a loss of words yesterday after seeing Breaking the Frame, Marielle Nitoslawska’s superb film on & with Carolee Schneemann, but cultural critic & essayist G. Roger Denson was not. He had a long, well-thought out article in the Huffington Post. Below are the first paragraphs; you can read the whole article here. It is questionable whether even Sigmund Freud has received a cinematic treatment as evocative of … Read more Roger Denson’s article on “Breaking the Frame”