Uri Avnery:  Son of a Dog

24.3.18 THE CLOSER Mahmoud Abbas gets to the end of his reign, the more extreme his language becomes. Recently he spoke about Donald Trump and uttered the words “May your house be destroyed”. In Arabic this is a common curse, and sounds less extreme than in English. But even in Arabic this is not a usual phrase when speaking about a head of state. This week Abbas spoke about … Read more Uri Avnery:  Son of a Dog

How France lives off Africa with the Colonial Pact

The below is a summary of an article I came across via friends & Siji Jabbar.  It is in the February issue of the New African (and draws on an interview given by Professor Mamadou Koulibaly, Speaker of the Ivorian National Assembly, Professor of Economics, and author of the book The Servitude of the Colonial Pact). Here is how Jabbar frames the argument: “Just before France conceded to African demands for independence in the … Read more How France lives off Africa with the Colonial Pact