Catchin' up is hard to do…

Well, what was supposed to be a 2 week summer break in posting turned into a full month break. Much traveling, often staying in places without an internet connection (there still exist some of those) & maybe a certain desire to change the daily habits, led to this. I will confess further that I am not yet seriously back in posting mode as I’m still in our Pyrenean hide-out for a week or so (connection-less, though the in-laws in the next big town down the mountain have it, thus this). But, I’ll catch up with some photos from last month, starting with the by now traditional July 4th weekend at Bernadette Mayer & Phil Good’s place in Western Massachusetts, where Dave Brinks, up from Nola for the occasion with loads of food stuffs, fed us an excellent turtle stew one day & beautidul Jambalaya the next. Of course all of this eatin’ & drinkin’ was only an excuse to get to the real meat of the occasion: the poetry reading.

My old friend the photographer & painter Romano, with whom I worked in NYC in 1969/1970 on the underground paper CORPUS, & who I didn’t see again until 3 years ago in New Orleans, & now in Mass.

Simon Pettet, looking his best, as always.

Bernadette, at her back-porch writing desk, doing the poem of the day which she read later on.
Ed & Myriam Sanders smiling at the dinner table, but unmoved by the wine between us.

Dave Brinks, the cookin’ done gets down to reading poems.
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