BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill

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  1. BP does not want to stop the oil leak. In fact they deliberately blew up the rig and then sank it to destroy evidence of the cause of the explosion to begin with. It’s quite possible that they did it under the request from the banking houses to send the message to the workers and the investors that if you want to challenge us in the courts then we can do this and we have the government aspart of our resources.
    Yes, just like the 9/11 public officials are part of this State-sponsored/Wall Street terrorism including the coast guard and the “homeland security”, believe it or not.
    This prolonging of the spill-Army corp of engineers could have stopped it within a week or two-is designed to damage the economies of the southern states so it be hard for them to cede from the union.
    Banks also have their own “protesters” who come out advocating a popular cause as a cover while promoting the cause of the bankers, this is one of those causes.
    They feel like they’ve got caught and the humiliation pressure is driving them to self-destruct. Their desire to cause wars in the Korean peninsula or with Iran and other scripted “turmoil” are part of the same scheme.
    they must have realized that the world now knows that even a nuclear Iran is not a threat to the world.
    what is the threat to the “whole world” and especially to the U.S. and the Europe is the Wall Street and the banking houses in London, NY and switzerland, not Iran.
    You can’t have a wasteful budget, bailouts and throw $10 million birthday parties for your daughters to hush them up by keep printing money and then expect workers around the world to work them off for ever.
    Inflation is one form of hidden taxation on the workers. Other methods include higher taxes, fees, cut in pension, benefits and services. Since workers in the US and the Europe know what inflation is and have a good taxation structure in place, thay tend to pay off these wasteful spending caused by the money-printers and their relatives through cuts and taxation and the developing countries who are not familiar with inflation and have weak taxation regime in place, tend to pay through inflation.
    In other words, what’s happening in Greece is really an American debt problem that has been exported to other countries by the virtue of the fact that the dollar is the world reserve currency. Finance ministers have been told by the bankers to use the dollars as Gold and print money based on that and that the bankers can print unlimited amount of gold!
    Next time you see the finance ministers or the central banks heads of some 20 countries standing arm in arm smiling, expect more inflation, taxation and cuts caused by other countries.

  2. Oh, they want to stop it alright, they just don’t know how. They keep minimizing the volume because they are fined $1,000-$4,000 per barrel spilled, on top of paying for everything else. As of today, that is already around $10 billion. What underwater plumes?

    Satirist Harry Shearer played the entire audio portion, with minimal bleeps, on his radio show from New Orleans, but no one seems to have done any follow up on its scandalous allegations.

    In less than an hour, I managed to find genuine independent scientific documentation of the F***ing Works, vs. F***ing Doesn’t Work claims made in the anonymous video.

    The Oil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank, OHMSETT, is the only facility that offers full scale conditions for training in oil recovery from spills. It was built and operated by the EPA from 1974-1987, when responsibility was transferred to the Navy because it is located at the Naval Weapons Station.

    Title VII of the Ocean Pollution Act of 1990 gave MMS the lead responsibility for reactivation of Ohmsett in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. The MMS was also charged with the continuing operation and maintenance of the facility as a national test facility. The MMS refurbished Ohmsett beginning in 1990 and reopened it for testing in 1992. Costs for the yearly operation and maintenance of Ohmsett are covered by the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

    They claim their wave generating machine and pool simulates actual ocean conditions. Watch the videos and see for yourself if it mimics typical wave conditions we see in televised coverage of oil spills. The last video shows how booms are configured to funnel oil to a collection device. How many times have any boom funnels been shown deployed on oil spills, much less anything, or any one actually collecting anything? All I ever see is very long, single lines of booms, usually with oil on both sides:


    Here is an excerpt from a visiting environmental consultant during a series of tests by OHMSETT in 2003 observing booming with a secondary containment line:


    .. observation of the water surface clearly shows the difference in surface texture where the smoother surface oil is contained within the primary experimental zone on the right hand side of the boom compared to the more choppy water surface between the primary boom and the secondary containment boom in the center of the photograph. Also, note that there is absolutely no surface oil outside of the secondary containment zone on the left side of the photograph.

    … little or no oil outside the secondary containment boom near the end of the test),

    … Including the oil trapped within the secondary containment boom clearly minimizes the amount of oil that had escaped from the experimental system in earlier OHMSETT tests.
    PDF p.37 = field notes and taped observations, p.10

    BP – Beelzebub’s Posse.

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